Daphne Guinness Auctions Off Her Fashion Collection

Close friend slash Godess of Alexander McQueen, Daphne Guinness, is actioning off 102 pieces of her fashion collection.

All pieces which are said to be original and VERY PRICEY. They will be set to start actioning 7p.m. tonight at Christie’s in London. All proceeds from the auction will be for will go to the Isabella Blow Foundation, a new charity set up by the heiress to help support young art and fashion talent. Buyers will not be just buying Fashion History but they will be supporting young fashion talent everywhere. 

Its worth over £100,000.

If you don’t know who Daphne Guinness is she is Fashion Mogul, Mother of all pearls Queen of All Castles. After known for being one of the most recognizable famous fashion collectors, she is also know for being the heir of direct decedent Author Guinness beer. Which still is one the the most popular selling beer since the 18th century. Born Half Britsh,  Half Irish in London, England grew up to do more than just put her fashion glove on. She has produce and edited short films and even did a little acting herself.


Raukus Magazine



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