Social Media Director – Nobi

Nobi (yes, only Nobi)

Personal Style: Free Spirit hipster living in Neverland in 90’s

I am your favorite person by day and Internet  explorer by night. Im the first to know what happens in the media or the freshest song comes out. I have a successful blog for a year now, that is based on anything about everything. Now its time for me to start some RAUKUS.

NOW as the Social MediaDirector I plan to fill up your head with a heap of mess that you will want to get into.

Who inspires her: Audrey Hepburn,Howard Zinn, Ellin Hopkins and the  Lost Boys from Peter Pan ( I always wanted to be one of them).

Weapon of choice: Middle Finger, Ipad ,jewelry, green plants and a lighter.

Greatest fear: Snooki having her baby.

Greatest love: cheese and  Demetrius Mickens (Google Him) … Cause they are so similar.

Alter ego: Symphony

What makes her RAUKUS: Music, I love Lucy, Chicago and of course Drama that isn’t mine.

Raukus Magazine


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