Art Director – Arlene Delgado


Don’t be fooled by her beauty, this gorgeous girl will twit your hear.. through art and design that is… She will keep us on our “heels” by making sure we always look good.. (I mean someone had to have our back in this RAUKUS)

Raukus Magazine


2 responses to “Art Director – Arlene Delgado

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  2. “My photographic approach is very intimate…I made the choice of black and white and soft focus to shoot women in hotel rooms.
    I’m trying to capture my dreams, the streets are my muse, with the rock music in the background.
    No techniques, just instinct.. this is my vision for the cycle “Hôtel girls”
    I trap characters in their flesh, uncovered and exposed, my snapshots are the raw content of my camera lens.”

    Site internet : http://www.baptistelééonne-Photographe/232928173388539

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