Creative Director – Jacqueline Isabel Parish

Well hello cutie!.. I mean.. Miss .. , I mean Boss!.. This glamorous style Queen is the one to Drive the Raukus bus into the nearest cliff.. yup, she knows how to make a scene (Thank G-d!)

Her Style:

Edgy chic, she is the definition

Job History:

Model/creative director/stylist/fashionista/designer involved in all aspects of art but mainly in the many aspects of fashion.

Who Inspires Her:

Her Mother, Grandmother, Mr.Bobby Ray, Karl Lagerfeld, Baptiste, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Daphne Guinness, Anna Dello Russo, Riccardo Tisci, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, I can go on forever as our generation is so very lucky to be inspired by so many talented people within this industry today and those from the past who paved the way.

Weapon Of Choice:

My heels of course 😉 A woman never tells on her secret weapons or it wouldn’t be secret and everyone would know the tricks up my sleeve can’t have that come to pass. Haha

Greatest Fear:

Non-Fashion Related… I do have the biggest fear of cockroaches it’s a phobia really when I see them I feel my whole body crawling with them. other than that I would say equal to that would be ending up alone, having some type of lonely existence is a fear I have. Maybe I got that from nightmares when I was small.

Fashion Related…  Losing my huge collection of clothes I have collected through the years would devastate me! I have picked up massive amounts of clothes modeling and traveling the world they are like keep sakes and treasures for me. I have modern collections from designers and priceless vintage ones that can never be replaced. They all mean something to me, have a memory behind them, and complement me when I wear them. My closet is like a huge collection of different runway shows I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost it all especially since most pieces I know I can’t live without, buy or find again! That would be a massive fashion tragedy! Haha

Greatest Love:

Definitely have a great love for my family. They set forth my love for fashion, being creative & artistic. I have been very passionate when it comes to many things involving the arts but fashion has and always will be my first love.

alter ego:

It’s an inside joke really but my alter egos name I guess everyone knows me as Baptiste Giabiconi Lmao funny enough I have done modeling too so I guess the name fits and in front of the camera I usually steal the scene too!  Lmao 

What makes her raukus (artist, designers, music):

I think Raukus it’s self is more a way of being starting something differently having new concepts that get people talking & questioning what they see within the industry . Standing out. I feel like artistically the people who make a great impact on me make you see things differently, make you feel something you’ve never felt before. I am in that sense Raukus then. 

I guess if we are talking musically I connect a lot more to alternative, indie, & classic rock bands and I do listen to some electronic music as well. I think these types of music sets the paces and influences many other types of music.  

Designers wise I can go on forever… We are blessed to be born at such a good time for fashion as anything is possible. Fashion in itself has become so innovative you don’t know what to expect from designers or really any aspect of it lately. This makes everything far more fascinating and captivating within the industry today. Everything is so fast pace and changing rapidly. There is always a sense of newness to it all.

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