Editor In Chief – Bobby Ray Khasamarina

Personal Style: A moody style to offend the masses

A small work history:   After studying Civil Engineering, architecture, working in construction, telemarketing and music for 5 years, he decided it was time to mix those trades and what better way to do that than through fashion photography, arts and fashion design? His Khasa Marina designs have been called ‘minimal complexity” for their ability to shape shift freely. Since then he’s been seen daydreaming his conquers of the streets of New York, London and Milan… Well, we must tell Bobby.. you’re not daydreaming anymore with the RAUKUS team.

NOW the Editor-In-Chief  plans to push the  glass of your screen and drag you into our world of RAUKUS, where you shall be happily trapped from now on.

Who inspires BRK:  Lee Alexander McQueen, Jesus, and The pope (cause he and his friends are seen wearing dresses all year round.. so fashion forward!!)

Weapon of choice: Photoshop Photoshop Photoshop! (He needs rehab)

Greatest fear: To wake up in a world of uniforms  -_-

Greatest love: Bjork and the Queen!!

Alter ego: “I am my alter Ego”

What makes him raukus: Kylie (-_-) Gareth pugh cages, Rick Owens man skirts, The rapture,  The presets and RAUKUS!!!..

Raukus Magazine



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