Behind the Scenes with the RAUKUS Team

This time last week the RAUKUS team got together to do a photo shoot of our own for the next issue of RAUKUS and for a meet and greet of the whole team. Editor-in-chief Bobby Ray hooked it up so we all got to set up camp at The Hangar Gallery in the Wynwood Art’s District. The gallery’s psychedelic painted walls and rusting steel balcony and door set us in a Miami/New York oasis despite the 110 degree heat all day. Luckily RAUKUS is a team of solider’s and the heat only phased us when we had crossed the line from photo appropriate to borderline dehydration. Overall the day went amazingly as we even ran into our art director, Arlene Delgado, and got to snap some pictures of her for the website.

Creative director Jacqueline Parish brought us posh and class with her full length and chiffon dresses and amazing jewelry collection. Social Media Director Nobi showed off her bad-ass clear Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s as she ran down the streets in them and a flowing black skirt with gold dollars on her ears (literally). Fashion director Ashley Garner brought whimsical and well, RAUKUS with her vintage slip dresses, black slashed leggings and combat boots. Editor in chief Bobby Ray brought  his creative and out of the box ensembles such as jean jackets as drop-crotch jean pants and necklaces as the perfect head-bands. And of course last but certainly not least Director of Photography and the main photographer of the day William Beauplant brought all of it together with his mastery in lighting and angles behind the lens, however he didn’t fall short in the fashion department with some styling help from Bobby Ray the two paired a dalmatian print button down with a bad-ass gold chain and zebra print loafers.

Now that’s what I call RAUKUS style.

All photos taken by Ashley Garner


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