Janice Quijano

Janice Quijano is an artist of many trades. Photographer, stylist, creative director, make-up artist, hair magician, this woman has no ends. After working with her on one of my first look book shoots for Krel Wear we immediately felt a connection and have collaborated on over 10 shoots since then. Her wide range of interests from high fashion editorials to ink girls and cars has allowed for her perspective towards a shoot to be out of the box. Janice incorporates colors and energy effortlessly into her work and has become well known for it. Her loyalty is uncanny and her willingness to learn is something that makes her a threat to other photographers out there.

How did you become interested in photography?

Working on set as a wardrobe stylist, or hair & make up artist and

always visualizing the final product.  I would also catch certain

shots that were missed by the photographer that appeared interesting

to me… When I felt this to be consistent, and became more involved

in the development of a production, thats when I acknowledged I wanted

more out of this industry and turned to photography.

What type of camera do you use?

I don’t dislike the Canon I have respect

for the camera, but I shoot with a Nikon.  I find that Nikon gives me

the resolution and color spectrum that I am searching for out of an


You have many talents, as a makeup artist, hair stylist, art

director, photographer…if you had to choose one as a favorite which

would it be and why?

Photography, I get to manipulate all areas of inspiration (model,

hair, makeup, wardrobe, direction).  I also love being around other

creative’s and seeing how elements can come together to create a final

product (all egos aside).

What photographers do you look up to for inspiration? 

1: Karl Lagerfeld, a master at many different crafts amongst a

world that notes you can only do one thing.

2. Nick Knight, interchangeable with style, mood and light, never the

same man twice.

3. Patrick Dermarchelier, the intensity of his photos, his

portraits are amazing.

4. Ellen von Unwerth, I love how she celebrates the natural essence

of a women through ‘sex’ appeal.

5. Andy Warhol, more so for not giving a ‘   ‘ and just being himself

and evolutionizing Pop Culture.

Your vision as an artist is very unique. You bring lots of color

and energy to your shoots that seem to be missing in a lot of the

commercial work you see in Miami. Is there a particular theme or

feeling you are trying to bring to your work or does it just happen by


No coincidence, as a wardrobe stylist I see color and texture and do

well with combining elements, so it was no surprise that I would have

embraced it behind the lens. Although I have shot commercial work

before, I felt that there was something missing it never felt

complete.  So I stick with what emotionally feels right to me.  Themes

just come to me as a vision of what I can do then the rest is

searching for the inspiration to make it happen, or I may get inspired

by a location or model.

You shoot many different things, ranging from cars, to inked girls

and high fashion editorials. How did this occur, and do you have a

particular favorite?

Nope, no particular favorite they are all so different which allows

me to be more imaginative with subjects. Its like having no

stereotype.  I also hope to someday shoot architectural building and

interior design.  I have a fascination with design in general.  All of

what I shoot is a reflection, a style of who I am, my thoughts, and my


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I want to be on several billboards, published in Numero magazine,

working on cool commercial projects such as BEBE, H&M, Aldo etc., and

on a larger scale campaigns for Anna Sui, Etro, Gucci, Burberry

London, Moschino.  I would also like to educate and inspire young

talent.  I feel most teachers are not as open and willing to expand

the minds and let go of rules and some traditional lessons.

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 things what

would they be?

eeek! for some reason I always get lost with these questions… hmm

lets see…

1. a yacht fully equipped

2. a cabana boy

3. and a hammock!

Photo Credits:

Photographer Janice Quijano

Stylist Ashley Garner

Hair Jessica

Models Sharlene Radlein and Adrienne Sanchez


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