Suits in Paris

Ann Demeulemester, Balmain, Chalayan, Dior, Haider Ackermann

I think we can confidently mark this as a trend in Paris: Women reclaiming menswear. Haider Ackermann showed slouchy and deconstructed suits while Dior’s were nipped and fitted. Chalayan made the suit jacket into a dress and ditched the pants completely while Balmain used a sheer and velvet material to create a surreal graphic print. As for me I greatly enjoy the comfort and smoking jacket feel of Mr. Ackermann’s version of the suit, however I can’t help but fall in love with a well fitted suit such as Raf Simons version at Dior. My mood would certainly change the fit of the suit for the day. You feel so much more in control and powerful when you have on a good suit. There’s something about them that say “Yes, this is a coordinated suit and yes I do have my shit together and a gun inside my pocket so don’t even try to mess with me.” (Note: We do not support gun violence, only in hypothetical fashion related situations)


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