RAUKUS x Peace Love Threads

Every girl wants to be edgy; to have that certain mystery that you can’t stop yourself from spending all your time trying to figure it out. At the same time every girl wants to be chic; to have grace and taste and a certain je ne sais quoi. Online boutique, Peace Love Threads not only caters to the girl who wants to be chic but also the girl who wants to be edgy, and most importantly they understand that that can often times be the same girl.

Danger and innocence. Yin and yang. Opposites have always been known to attract, look at Iman and David Bowie. So when Peace Love Threads presented their boutique in sections of “Edge”, “Chic”, and “A Little Bit of Both” RAUKUS immediately became interested. Featured in the photos below is RAUKUS’s fashion editor Ashley Garner who styled a few of Peace Love Threads newest fall items. On the left Ashley is wearing Emerald Noir Feather Earrings  that create an iridescent mysterious look, while on the right Ashley is wearing a softer toned feather earring.  Although both are using the same material of feathers they each have a very different essence about them, allowing the wearer to pull off two completely different looks.

Here Ashley is wearing Turkey Feather Earrings. Not quite chic and not quite edgy but a little bit of both, creating an overall quirky and fun look. You could wear these with your hair up or down, out to dinner or just a casual day on the town. Either way they will surely give your look an eclectic twist.

Last but certainly not least is Peace Love Threads new army green distressed jacket. Although ripped in appearance this jacket is not only unbelievably comfortable but warm and cozy too. It’s dark color tone and disheveled design make it a perfect basic edgy piece yet if paired with the right pants or skirt (thinking ox-blood) it can be edgy and chic at the same time. With this conclusion it is not only obvious that we all need to get on top of our feather earring purchases but also that Peace Love Threads is not just a boutique that understands edge and chic in fashion to it’s up-most extent, but they understand that girls want to be both, depending on the day of course.

All photos taken by Octopustudio

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